I Do:

The exact price varies depending on the project size and complexity of the commission.
But it is around $80 for a normal fullbody character.
Around $60 for a normal halfbody/thighs-up character.
Around $40 for a shoulder-up shot for the character.

Delivery Time:
Delivery time will be 2 - 7 days (Normally).

Payment Method:
Paypal only.

Work Flow:
50% payment --> Sketch --> View Sketch --> Lineart, Color, Shading --> Complete --> View watermarked Render --> 50% payment --> Delivery
Unity Game developer
Have 5 years of experience in both 2D and 3D. Able to create ranging from Visual Novel, RPG, platformer to 3D physics game. I also have experience in publishing on PC and mobile platform.
C# is the main scripting language for Unity. Therefore I am also proficient in C# not only within the Unity Framework, but also for normal UI applications.
Outside of Unity and C#, I also have experience on Java, C++, C and Python. Therefore I am able to work on any project that uses these languages.
Front-end web developer
I also have experience in web technology (HTML, CSS, Javascript). I can also adapt or work on frameworks or libraries such as React, Angular, node.js, etc..
One example is this website which is made from scratch without using any website builder
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Price and contact
Please contact me for pricing. It depends on project complexity and it's measured in weeks.