Improved Responsive + New Cover Art
Improved the website responsive layout, making the menu more accessible from mobile devices.
Together, updated the website cover art which I have been doing for ages.

Service, About and Code maintainance
Spent the whole day, finally finished Service and About page. As well as refactoring the code for gallery and home page image slideshow.
It's 3 am now and I am very tired haha. I have also added older artwork I have done to the gallery.

Website up and running
After hours of struggle, website is finally up and running. Everything is done from scratch and it turns out not bad.
The only things left to fill are Projects, Service and About pages. As well as news notification.
I will continue updating the website and improve it for easier maintainance.
The website should work on both PC and mobile. If you have encountered any problem, it will be greatly appreciated if you contact me about it.